Nam, a new member of the newspaper team, writes about an increasingly popular make of car you may not have heard of!

Vinfast is an electric car. The company was founded in 2017. The company comes from Vietnam (the headquarters are in Hải Phòng). The total investment in the project is $3.5 billion and it is one of the largest industrial projects in the country. In fact, it has the third largest global market behind Tesla and Toyota.

The price of a car is roughly 50,000-100,000 Euro. 

There are lots of models like the VF8, VF9,VF7, VF6 and the VF3. 

Ready – Set – Go!

To celebrate Earth Day, the Rubin and Sodalite classes held a sponsored run to collect money for an environmental project. The children voted to donate all the money they received to “One Earth – One Ocean” to help save the oceans.

A small group of children measured each lap to be 342 m and they impressed everyone with how much they ran. Most children ran more than 10 or 20 laps. One child ran as many as 30 laps!

Furthermore, they did an amazing job in collecting donations and raised 1260,50 € which have now been which have been donated to OEOO.

Well done!

Ideas for Christmas 🎄

Most people celebrate Christmas by having a tree and putting presents under it. But here are some things you can do during Christmas instead of it being the same all the time. Here are some exiting ideas for Christmas!

This photo here isn’t something from the store it’s actually home made! You can make your own home made decor! Another thing to do is secret Santa, it’s a mystery who will give you a gift but also very fun when people don’t know who their gift is coming from.

Before Christmas you can still do fun things with interesting advent calendars!
Before Christmas happens you can decorate your house and get Christmas clothes to be prepared.

If you can’t afford to do expensive things you can invite family over and have a good time! If you don’t celebrate Christmas you can still have fun on Christmas by playing games. There are many Christmas markets, you can go there at Christmas or go to a Christmas park or museum such as Sky park at Santa’s village. Or places like that, you can also just go to a waterpark or fair to celebrate. If they’re open that is. Or you can have a big meal with family. There are many more things you can do during Christmas! 🎄


Main ingredients for cakes.

Flour, eggs,fat (usually butter) sugar, salt, a form of liquids (usually milk) and leavening agents (such as baking soda).

After using these your cake should look like this: not every cake will turn out like this yours might be a different shape.

You can add frosting after you do the following here is how yours might look:

Or you can add frosting all around the cake to look like this:

The ingredients for cookies are:

(It will take around half an hour)

Get butter. Once the butter is lightly bubbling, place cookie dough in a pan until the bottom starts getting brown. Remove them from the heat. Add chocolate chips. Now you have a cookie that looks like this:

Come on in, it’s Reading Day

Friday 18th November was Reading Day, and this year’s celebration of all things book-related was bigger and better than ever.

One of the main highlights were our ‘book doors’, with the students decorating classroom doors to look like a specific book, or to reflect a favourite reading theme.

As you can see, the children’s hard work and enthusiasm really paid off, and all the students took turns to visit each others’ classrooms and view the results of this wonderfully novel 🙂 idea.

Another important aspect of the event is the fact that, in the morning, teachers and parents read to the kids. In the afternoon, it’s the older students’ turn to read aloud to the younger children, making sure that they’ve picked a book the little ones will love.

In between, various other activities take place, and the choice this year was particularly impressive, ranging from bookmark-making and writing book reports to a lively book exchange bazaar.

Special thanks to Ms Bergquist and Frau Jäger for organising a super day!

Halloween fun

It’s not long to go until the year’s creepiest celebration, so we decided to share a super-spooky drawing/activity created by Karla from year 6.

In art class, she designed a ghost-train ride, and later added questions about her drawing.

Take a good look at Karla’s detailed artwork, and see if YOU can find the answers!

Which costume should I wear for Halloween?

Juno, Nina and me wanted to dress up as these ones ☝🏽

Juno will be Gru, Nina will be Bob (the minion) and I will be Victor or Gru’s friend (tell me which one I should be: Victor or Gru’s friend????.)

Or we could be the power-puff girls, please also tell us what idea you like more, the power-puff girls or the characters of the minions?.

These are some ideas from other people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you find a good costume for Halloween, eat a lot of candy and have fun at Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Freya

The creation of the universe – in a week!

Our project week for 2022 has just ended, and what a HUGE success it was.

This year, we learnt all about the universe – an enormous topic to cover, so the teachers organised dozens of activities in which the kids took turns to colour, craft, watch short videos or take part in experiments.

We learnt about how the universe was formed, and looked at our awe-inspiring solar system.

We also discovered incredible facts about planet earth itself: its various layers and molten core; tectonic plates and volcanoes; seas, water, and the atmosphere that surrounds us.

Students of all ages worked together, and it was wonderful to see how well the older children looked after the younger ones.

This year, too, we had extra help from parents – a big ‘thank you’ to those involved.

Not only did the kids have a great time, they learnt so much about the planet we live on and what lies beyond it. And at the end of the week, they took home a bag full of their own hand-crafted learning materials.

All in all, a universally acclaimed success!

My favorite restaurant

My favorite place is California Pizza Kitchen. This picture is the exact same place I ate at. This picture was taken years ago when it was Christmas. The picture was taken that long ago because the restaurant got replaced.

This place is right next to the Connecticut mall that I went to all the time. This place has always had the best food. My favorites are pizza, spaghetti carbonara and best of all the Mac and cheese.

This is the Mac and cheese. This Mac and cheese is the best in the world. I cannot describe how yummy it was.

This picture here shows the best part of Connecticut. But it got taken down and turned into some other restaurant. California Pizza kitchen can still be located in other places you can find it around the world but not in Germany. Every California Pizza Kitchen has the same Mac and cheese and it’s so good. I recommend this restaurant very much it’s the best place in the world.

By Thalia